Did you ever wonder what the abbreviations on your utility bill stand for? Below is a guide for those abbreviations.

  • PB: Previous Balance
  • WA: Water Usage Based on Meter Reading
  • SW: Sewer Usage Based on Water Usage
  • WD: Water Ready to Serve
  • SD: Sewer Ready to Serve
  • TR: Trash, brush & leaf collection
  • RT: Red Tag
  • NSF: Non-Sufficient Funds
  • RW: Reconnect Water
  • DW: Disconnect Water

The Village is not charging penalty, red tagging or doing shut offs right now, eventually that will begin again. Please pay attention to how long you let your bill lapse. Once we begin regular business- all the above will apply. Anyone who has been on a payment plan that has missed more than one payment will no longer be on the same payment plan. Penalty is 10% of your bill – for every month that you are late. Some will not qualify for payment plans, if they have previously defaulted on too many. See Resolution No. 2019-09 for current Rates and information regarding utility bills.

Water bills go out the 1st of the month, if you do not receive one within the first 7 days please contact us at [email protected]. You not receiving a bill in the mail will not excuse you from payment or penalty. Water bills are always due on the 20th of the month. If you have fallen behind on your bill please call to set up a payment arrangement before they allow shut offs in the Village again. The Village of Webberville has suspended shut offs and penalties for the time being, but there will come a time when that ends.

  • Please make sure that the Village has the correct information in your utility accounts. We are getting some mail back and when we try to call, the phone numbers that we have on file are not correct. Utility Bills are due on the 20th monthly or the following business day if the 20th falls on a weekend.
  • People with ACH please check and make sure your payments are coming out of your accounts. We have found a few accounts that have old bank information – so even though your bill is being marked paid the Village is not actually receiving your money – Once we find this, we will be applying the unpaid portion back to your bill and the amounts will be due immediately.

Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit PDF

Email Authorization for Utility Bill PDF 


We are always looking to update our records in the Village Office. PLEASE fill out the form, link below, if any of your contact information has changed (even if you think we have all of the correct information). Turn it into the office with your water bill or email [email protected].

Resident information PDF

*REMINDER FOR WINTER MONTHS: With colder temperatures comes the risk of frozen pipes. An eighth inch crack in a pipe can leak up to 250 gallons of water a day. Both plastic and copper pipes may burst, causing property damage. Here are a few tips that may help to prevent your pipes from freezing: Insulate pipes in crawl spaces and attics; use heat tape or thermostatically-controlled heat cables to wrap pipes; seal leaks that allow cold air inside, near where pipes are located; disconnect garden hoses and if practical, use an indoor valve to shut off and drain water from pipes leading to outside faucets; open cabinets  to allow heat to reach uninstalled pipes under sinks and appliances near exterior walls.