Any noxious weeds higher than 8 inches in height are a violation of Chapter 91 of the Village Code of Ordinances.

§ 91.01 Weeds 

Please DO NOT blow your grass into the Village streets when mowing!


Please remember to keep your sidewalks clear – the Village DPW ONLY does the Downtown Sidewalks. Ordinance § 92.15 Snow Removal Required. The occupant of any premises in the Village, which includes any house, store, building, or lot, upon which there is, located a public sidewalk, shall remove or cause to be removed from the sidewalk ice and snow subject to the following requirements.

(A) All snow and ice shall be removed within 24 hours after it has ceased if the accumulation is less than four inches.

(B) All snow and ice shall be removed within 48 hours if the accumulation is more than four inches.

PLEASE make sure to not park or allow patrons or tenants to park on the main roads when it snows – it makes it difficult for the DPW to clear them prior to business hours. No Parking on streets between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m.

*If you would like to apply for an exemption from this Ordinance, please contact the Village Office or you may view the snow exempt form below.